Before proceeding with your registration, please carefully read and understand the following terms
and conditions:

  1. Class Cancellations:
    If Merschool cancels a class, we will make arrangements to reschedule it.
    No make-up classes for missed classes. The incorporation of extra days in certain months
    serves as compensation for any missed classes.
    In the event of a medical emergency, make-up lessons will be permitted upon presentation of
    a doctor’s letter. Please note that no other reasons, including public holidays, travel, family
    bereavement, planned procedures, etc., will be eligible for make-up classes. We require a
    minimum 24 hours notice.
    Please DO NOT cancel or reschedule classes on our booking system, contact to let us know if you cannot attend a class.
    Make-up classes are not available for private lessons.
  2. Monthly Swimming Fee:
    The monthly fee must be paid one month in advance by the first day of the month.
    Invoices are scheduled to be dispatched by the 20th of each month. Should payment not be
    received by the 1st of the subsequent month, a late penalty fee of R150 will be applied to your
    account on the second day of that month. Your prompt attention to payment is greatly
    All new members are required to pay a deposit fee equal to one month’s fee, serving as a
    security deposit. This deposit will be utilised during the cancellation month.
    Upon registration, new members are requested to pay a once off fee of R350.
    Consistent late payments will lead to the forfeiture of your deposit fee, and ultimately, you
    may be removed from the class.
    During the December holiday period, billing will be prorated.
    Clients using debit orders will be eligible for a refund of their deposit.
    A fee of R150 will be charged for any unsuccessful debit order transactions.
  3. Payment Details:
    We recommend Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as the preferred method of payment. Please
    remit payments to:
    Merschool’s First National Bank Cheque Account
    Account Number: 62888842848, Branch: 251650
    Reference: Your child’s name and surname
    Please email proof of payment to
    You have the option to sign up for an automatic debit order or pay cash.
    Please DO NOT pay on our booking system Bookamat.
  4. Termination of Contract:
    This contract is binding, pending one calendar month’s written notice of termination.
    Please request the cancellation form from or collect one from the front
    A reactivation fee of R280 will be applied if you choose to cancel your contract and
    subsequently rejoin.
    Classes are not refundable, exchangeable, freezable or shareable.
  5. Communication with Teachers:
    For inquiries or concerns regarding the syllabus, or any general matters, please reach out to
    the teacher or course director at; or schedule a meeting at the front
    Please refrain from disturbing classes to speak with the teacher.
    Parents/guardians can sit inside the pool area and observe the lesson. We advise all
    parents/guardians of Level 1 students to be present inside the pool area for class observation.
  6. Hygiene and Safety:
    Always take a shower before and after your swimming class.
    Ask permission before entering the pool, make sure your teacher is ready to receive you.
    Tidy up after yourself.
    Ensure babies and toddlers wear nappies and waterproofing at all times.
    Put your child’s swimming cap on their heads and attend to snotty noses before classes.
    Kindly use the lavatory both before and after your class, or seek permission from the teacher
    if you need to use the restroom during class. We strictly prohibit relieving yourself in the pool.
    Your adherence to this guideline ensures a hygienic environment for everyone.
    Please collect your child promptly after their class, refraining from extending playtime.
    Kindly ensure that your child is dried within the pool room to prevent wet floors. Your
    cooperation in maintaining a dry and safe environment is appreciated.
    Running is strictly prohibited within Merschool premises due to the slippery nature of our
    floors when wet.
    Parents/guardians are permitted to film and take pictures solely of their own child. We kindly
    request that you refrain from photographing or filming other children to respect their privacy
    and ensure a comfortable environment for all participants.
    Merschool reserves the right to post pictures and videos of classes and events. If you prefer
    that images of your child not be shared, kindly inform us in writing, and we will respect your
  7. Liability and Safety:
    Merschool does not accept liability for theft, personal damage, or injury on the premises.
    Please take care of your belongings, yourself, and always keep an eye on your child.
    Entrance to the pool room is restricted to swimmers and parents/guardians only; siblings and
    friends are not permitted. Please be advised that we do not assume responsibility for
    unattended children in the playground or pool area.
  8. Updates to Terms and Conditions:
    We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions. Refer to our website for the latest version.
  9. Special Programs:
    The same rules, terms and conditions apply to Aquafit and Merfit classes.
  10. Government Lockdown Policy:
    In case of a government lockdown, unless mandated to close, we will continue classes as
    normal. No freezing of classes; lessons can be made up if arranged.
  11. Student Rules:
    Parents/Guardians, please ensure your child understands and follows the rules provided.