Lessons and Fees

Just keep Swimming!

Learn to Swim and Stroke Correction

Babies, Kids and Adults

We offer Learn to Swim from 6 months old to adult. Our professional and experienced teachers teach water safety and awareness in a clean and friendly environment.
Work towards specific goals and milestones before advancing to the next level. We also cater for special needs children.
Parents can view from viewing area or enjoy a cup of coffee from the coffee shop. Join your little one in the pool if they are younger than 2 years old.

Adult Mermaiding Swim Classes

Enjoy a great workout that is fun, magical and good for your body. Adult classes start from age 13 onwards.

Mermaiding is a magical sport that requires you to swim with a monofin and fabric mermaid tail. Lessons include professional monofin and mermaid tail rental

Connect with your inner child and mythical being. Forget about your worries and be free in the water.

Adult classes Mondays 6:30pm, Fridays 9am and mixed class Saturdays 12pm

Build corse strength using a monofin to kick the water with both legs. This technique uses core and glute strength and will strengthen your back.

Mermaiding is a low impact excercise, gentle on your joints. Pregnancy welcome.

Drop in classes @ R250, Monthly package @ R800. Contact info@merschool.co.za to book

Kids Mermaiding Swim Classes

Kids classes start from 7 years to 12 years old. Kids have to be able to swim and a swim test is carried out on your first visit.

Mermaid swim classes for kids are focused on fun. Swim through hoops, perform tricks and learn different mermaiding mannerisms.

Classes are one hour long and includes some free time to enjoy practicing your new tricks or take some pictures.

Build Confidence as you become a stronger swimmer whilst having fun.

A Magical World awaits you as you dive, do tricks and swim in sequence. Kids Mermaid classes are on Mondays 4:30pm and Thursdays 4pm, mixed class Saturdays 12pm


4 - 6 years learn to swim like a mermaid / merman

This class is aimed at the little mers. Basic dolphin kick and sculling techniques. Get used to going under water and holding your breath. Mermaid tails are only introduced later once basic swimming techniques are mastered.

Events and Venue Hire

Corporate Events, Bachelorette and Birthday Parties

Hire the venue all to yourself. Decorate as you wish and bring your own food and drinks. Includes mermaid tails, monofins, underwater video, and a class teaching you how to swim like a mermaid/merman.
Photographer and face painting available on request.
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Class Fee
Registration Fee (incl swim bag) R350 once off
Learn to Swim - 1 x a week R630 per month
Learn to Swim - 2 x a week R980 per month
Learn to Swim - 3 x a week R1 420 per month
Mermaiding - Drop in Casual Class R250 per booking
Mermaiding - 1 x a week R800 per month
Mermaiding - 2 x a week R1 690 per month
Mermaiding - 3 x a week R2 420 per month
Make use of the pool off peak R650 per month (20% discount seniors and students)

Terms and Conditions

Our contract is like a gym contract. When you book you are automatically booked until you cancel. We need one month written cancellation notice. Classes can be rescheduled as 24 hour notice before class starts or else you forfeit the class. Please e-mail info@merschool.co.za to reschedule or request to move your classes to another time slot or teacher. Rescheduled bookings can only be made up outside of your permanent booking. Invoices are due for payment by the 1st of the month and payment is made via debit order.> Contact us for more info


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