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January 3, 2022
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February 10, 2022

We had an absolute blast on Saturday the 9th of April at our termly gala. Relaxing music was playing in the background. The smell of braai filled the air and delicious wors rolls were served. The kids were jumping on the jumping castle and getting their faces painted. The adults were enjoying the soothing vibes and the pancakes were divine!

We started with the gala with the 2 year old children. They had assistance from the noodles and the teachers. It was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!

We then continued through the ages and completed the race with the Teachers and Mermaid (monofin) race. Thank you to our awesome team and everyone that made the day possible.

All participants received a medal and some received 2 for competing in several races. We were in tears, we are so proud of all the participants!

It was a fun day for all, thank you to all the spectators, parents, grandparents, swimmers and mers. It was a great term and we are looking forward to the next.

Our next gala will be on 3 September 2022 from 1pm. This event is free. Mermaid obstacle course, gala, face paint, jumping castle and meet a Real Mermaid!

Here is a video of our last gala event:

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