Mermaid Parties and Functions

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Mermaid Birthday Party

Unlock a world of fun and learning by hosting your Kids Birthday Party, Bachelorette (Kitchen Tea), or Corporate Team Building Event at our 'fintastic' venue! Immerse yourself in a unique experience where you can have a blast while acquiring new skills and getting fit. Whether it's celebrating with the little ones, having a pre-wedding gathering, or boosting team morale, our venue offers a versatile space for all occasions. Let the good times roll as you make memories in a setting that combines enjoyment and skill-building.

Kids Birthday Party

Celebrate your little one's special day with a magical Mermaid Birthday Party! The package includes a 2-hour exclusive venue hire with 2 Mermaid Instructors, mermaid tails, professional Monofins, and amateur underwater video. The first hour is dedicated to learning mermaid swimming techniques and tricks, followed by a fun underwater obstacle course. Enjoy the privacy of the venue, bring your own decorations, food, and drinks, and play your favorite tunes through the speakers.

Kindly note that our mermaid experiences are tailored for children aged 7 and above. However, for younger kids, explore our "Rent a Real Mermaid" option. This allows even the littlest mermaids to partake in the magic and wonder of having a real-life mermaid at their special event. Contact us to discover how we can make your celebration extraordinary for mermaid enthusiasts of all ages!

For an added touch, consider face painting, DIY crown-making, and other activities at an extra cost. We also offer a mobile party option – inquire about fees based on your location. Make a splash and create unforgettable memories with a Mermaid Birthday Party!

Corporate Team Building / Bachelorette

Elevate your adult gatherings with our unique offerings! Whether it's a Corporate Team Building event or a Kitchen Tea/Bachelorette party, immerse yourself in a world of enchantment with our diverse range of mermaid tails and monofins that cater to all sizes. Experience the magic of being a mermaid, fostering team spirit or celebrating in style. Enjoy the exclusivity of our venue, allowing you to bring your own food, snacks, cake, and drinks while decorating the space to match your theme. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable moments in our mermaid wonderland.

Event Fees

R3 000 + VAT

Decorate the venue as you wish and bring your own food and drinks.

R100 per participant if more than 10
R500 for the group Face Paint (allow at least 1 hour)
R150 per DIY mermaid Crown
R3000 Photographer 
R3000 Real Mermaid 

These fees are quoted excl VAT.

Contact us to book.

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