Mermaid Swim School Kyalami

Mermaiding Certification
March 30, 2021
Winter Weight Loss Program
April 7, 2021

Looking for a swim school in Kyalami? Merschool the Mermaid swim school offer Learn to Swim classes in Kyalami, Barbeque Downs, as well as Mermaiding classes, aqua aerobics, weight-loss and water based therapy.

Merschool opened in August 2020. The new owners, Malcolm and Izelle Nair, upgraded the heating, pool pump and renovated the space to include an open plan with a coffee shop. The indoor pool is heated to 32 degrees in summer, and 34 degrees in the winter.

The venue is located in a small center called the Suite Life Center. There is safe Parking and a family friendly playground, making this Kyalami’s favorite swim school.

Izelle and Malcolm Nair felt that there was a need to bring escapism to the community through the Art of Mermaiding during the difficult pandemic times. Mermaiding is a sport that includes artistic swimming and freediving techniques.

Join our friendly swim school in Kyalami, try out a Mermaiding class or Learn to Swim and have fun with your family.

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