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July 8, 2021
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With the world in a panic this past year, it’s greatly affected our kids. Children are now suffering from stress, depression and anxiety same as adults.

It’s not just the Pandemic. They are under huge pressure at school, socially and especially online. The world has changed so much since we have been kids. Can we even relate?

The good news is, swimming is a great way to reduce stress and make our kids happy again!

Here are 5 ways swimming can help your kid today:

Swimming Makes Kids Happy

Moving your body and being active releases feel good chemicals in the body. When our bodies release the feel good chemicals, it decreases the feel bad chemicals like cortisol.

Reduce Aggression

Kids have not learnt yet how to deal with their frustrations. When they move their body kicking and pulling through the water they get to work off these built up tensions in the body.

Sleep Better

Stressed out kids can’t sleep. By working your whole body you tire your mind and body and kids sleep better. Waking up refreshed leads to a better mood.

Helps with Depression

When you learn to swim you learn to breathe. Kids that breathe better deal better with their emotions. Swimming calms the mind through the breathing.

Improve Focus

Swimming requires a lot of mental and physical coordination. While kids swim they will not have time to be distracted. Because, focusing on leg kicks and arm pulls, and breath control requires you a lot of focus. Learning the skill, your kids will retain focus in the pool and out of it. In addition, children who learn to swim earlier reach major cognitive developmental milestones including speech, literacy, numeracy and visual motor skills.

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